Wandering in a field, this cat would show up for dinner time, but hid most of the day.  We decided to trap him, neuter him and release him.   In the process of trapping Chester we caught Oliver by mistake.


Chester draws his name from the fact he was 'crispy' when we found him and 'puffy' when he was all fixed up.  Much like a 'Cheeto'.  Chester lives by the creed 'It's not easy, being cheesy'.


Chester was diagnosed with mange, skin infection and a really bad temperament. Chester under went a series of six inoculations for the mange over three months.  A skin cream was applied twice a day.


As Chester started to heal and the mange went away he became more tolerable to handling, petting and he became quite affectionate.


Chester has been adopted by two neighboring families (or should I say he adopted them).


Chester is still doing well today.  The only lingering effect is the 'popeye' look from the mange around his eye.(See picture 6).


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