These two 7 week old kittens were rescued from Albertsons Grocery in La Mesa. One has been treated for a rectal issue and they both are being loved and cared for.  Both are now in good health and ready to be adopted.  Named for two of the three stooges we have no "Moe" tail and "Curly".

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Moe is a "Rumpy manx mixed breed" and Curly is a "Bobtail manx mixed breed".

This breed is extremely loyal, affectionate and smart. They have been noted to be the 'dogs' of the cat family. When running, these cats resemble more of a rabbit than a cat.





July 2014 someone took Moe without our permission. Moe is still missing today.  Please if you have Moe his brother is still depressed and he needs to be returned. There will be no questions asked as long as he is healthy.


Keeping an ever watchful eye for his lost brother.


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