Henry is a male, marked like a lynx point Siamese,  He was very friendly from the beginning.  We suspected he was more domesticated then feral.  When he was trapped for TNR, he was emaciated, weak and tired.  We began a special diet, scheduled vet visits and brought him back to the healthy and happy cat he should have been.


Henry was neutered and after a clean bill instead of being released back into the wild, Henry was adopted.  After a year Henry was returned to us here at Feline Friends due to his caretaker becoming ill. He underwent some quick tests and we feel that the stress of being returned warranted that we make him a forever pet of Feline Friends.


Henry has the atypical Siamese blue eyes. (Barbara Streisand eyes) The right one crosses just a little bit.


Henry will sit on your lap, play with other cats in the house and he prefers to lay in the sun during the day.  Henry is the first one to reach out to the new, temporary residents, making them feel more at ease while we process them through our system.





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