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Officially started as a one women project back in 1991 to help feral and injured felines recoup in a friendly and protective environment.  We have grown every year since.  Created because some families find it too costly to continue medical care while the animal has possibly many happy eventful years left.  In a few cases, the family decides to put the animal down rather than incur this extra expense or they just abandon the animal.   Because feral or non-domesticated cats are difficult to handle they are often put down with little concern for what could have been done medically to save them.  This woman took it on herself to take in the unwanted, unloved animals that would have no quality of life if gone uncared for. She seeks out the medical help they need and works with the smaller ones getting them ready to be adopted or released.  Debbie, Mindy and their staff, house, feed, handle and medicate these animals until such time they can be released back into the wild, fostered or permanently adopted out to loving families all over San Diego County.

Working closely with the friendly staff at

El Cerrito Veterinary Hospital, Debbie, Mindy and their staff have successfully assisted numerous animals other than just felines.  There have been skunks, opossum, a variety of birds and even a dog or two.  They have been running this project with no donations, public or government assistance since 1991.  As medical costs have been on the rise, they are incurring a larger animal care cost, which is now limiting the number of animals a year they can assist.


If you would like to assist them in their quest to help control and protect the animal population in San Diego County please click below.


Success Stories







A pair of breeding cats and their offspring can produce 420,000 kittens over a seven-year period


146 million

Of the approximately 146 million cats in the United States, about half are feral/unowned


$50 million

In California, more than $50 million per year (coming largely from taxes) is spent by animal control agencies and shelters for cat-related expenses

Assist with the medical needs

You can send a check or money order directly to our main veterinary provider.


Feline Friends of San Diego

C/O El Cerrito Veterinary Hospital

6911 University Ave

La Mesa, Ca 91942


Atten: Dr. Massey

Sorry no adoptions available, but here is some of our latest accomplishments.

This little girl was wondering the streets in the rain. No microchip, just a small collar.

We are not always welcome no matter where we feed.  Help us to educate people, please?



We can always use:

Cat toys, small blankets, animal beds, animal cages, scratching posts, tidy cat litter, carpet remnants, cat tree rope.


Please feel free to schedule a pick-up time by emailing our donation coordinator



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Feline Friends


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