When Chester was reported to us we set out immediately to trap him.  After two days of attempts we ended up with Oliver who fit Chester's description. Orange, Fluffy and needing attention.


Oliver was the first and last feline we took to one of those "chop shops" for the reduced charge.  His incision got infected and he became really ill.  We returned him to the original vet who did the surgery and was told, "this is a feral cat.  He's too sick to release so we euthanize them."


This not fit with our mission statement, so we took Oliver to our vet.  They did not put him down.  They treated with antibiotics and fluids. Oliver stayed quarantined in the hospital for 7 days.  He was released a brand new cat.


After all that Oliver had been through and his new found companionship with Chester we felt it best not to separate them.


Oliver lived out the rest of his days here with Chester, until we lost him to kidney failure



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